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Stone Memorial High School
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Panther Events and Notices

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Special Schedules for 12/03 - 12/18

We will be on the following schedules between 12/3 and 12/18:

Thursday, 12/3: No 3rd Block Schedule due to EOC Testing.

Friday, 12/4 - Thursday, 12/10: Regular Schedule.

Friday, 12/11: No 3rd Block Schedule due to EOC Testing.

Monday, 12/14: Regular Schedule

Tuesday, 12/15, Extended 3rd Block for Mid Term Exams, Special Schedule:

Classes     Lunches  
1st Block 7:45 - 8:56      
2nd Block 9:02 - 10:13   1st Lunch 11:40 - 12:04
3rd Block 10:19 - 11:40   2nd Lunch 12:08 - 12:32
4th Block 11:46 - 1:28   3rd Lunch 12:36 - 1:00
5th Block 1:32 - 2:45   4th Lunch 1:04 - 1:28

Wednesday, 12/16: Regular Schedule, Final Exams 1st and 5th Block.

Thursday, 12/17: Regular Schedule, Final Exams 2nd and 4th Block.

Friday, 12/18: 10:00 AM Dismissal.

*Link to School Schedules.

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Remote Learning Meal Pick-Up and Deliveray Forms

Parents and/or guardians: The following form will be sent home with your child on Wednesday, 11/18. This form gives permission for meals to be picked up and/or delivered based on USDA federal regulations in the event that we transition to remote learning. All students should return this form to school as soon as possible. This applies to all students including those students who do not wish to receive meals. You will select one of the options on the form and please verify that all of your information on the form is correct.

Please use the links below to download the correct form.

Please click here to download the English version of the form.

Please click here to download the Spanish version of the form.

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Mentors Needed

Stone Memorial High School Families, There are just 3 weeks remaining for volunteers to register to serve as a mentor for our Tennessee Promise students! We still need 29 mentors to work with Stone Memorial High School seniors. Mentors spend just one hour per month supporting students as they transition from high school through their first semester of college. Many TN Promise students will be the first person in their family to go to college, and need a little extra encouragement! Mentors will serve their students virtually in the coming year using tnAchieves CONNECT. tnAchieves CONNECT is a virtual mentoring platform that allows mentors and students to work together from home and on their own schedule. The platform offers a variety of communication tools to make connecting with students more efficient and personal. tnAchieves CONNECT will help to ensure mentors and students will continue to build meaningful, impactful relationships in the year to come. The deadline to register is Friday, December 4. If you are interested in applying to be a mentor, you can visit:

selective service
Selective Service Registration

Males living in the United States (both citizens and non-citizens) are REQUIRED to register for the Selective Service at 18 years old.

Click here to register for Selective Service.

Failing to register is a felony and prevents college financial aid, access to federal jobs and more. Read about penalities for failing to register.

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SMHS Title VI, Title IX, and Homeless Coordinators

SMHS has coordinators available at all times for the following programs:

Title II Coordinator: Julie Moldenhaur (Title II addresses student special needs and specialized staff training.)
Title VI Coordinator: Kim Wattenbarger (Library/Media Center) (Title VI is part of the Civil Rights act of 1964.)
Title IX Coordinator: Lance Kennedy (V.P. Office) (Title IX addresses gender equity in athletics.)
Homeless Coordinator: Kelly Walter (Guidance)
504 Coordinators: Karen Hicks, Missy Miller, Andrea Simmons (Guidance) (Section 504 of IDEA addresses students with physical disabilities.)

Information about Coordinators can be found here.

Stone Memorial High School District programs and activities shall be free from discrimination based on age, gender, gender identity or expression, or genetic information, sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation; the perception of one or more of such characteristics; or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. Our nondiscrimination information can be found here.
CCS Employment nondiscrimination policy. (En Espanol)

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SMHS Daily News and Announcements are Primarily Found on Facebook

Join the SMHS Panther Nation on Facebook to stay up to date on school events, photographs, scores, and more. We have shifted much of our Online presence to Facebook to more easily reach our community. Click here to join us on Facebook.

SMHS Upcoming Dates

English 9 & 10 and US History EOC, Part 1 12/03/2020
Rescheduled JV Basketball at home vs. Midway, 5:00 PM CST 12/03/2020
English 9 & 10 and US History EOC, Part 2 12/04/2020
SMHS Varsity Basketball at home vs. Siegel, 6:00 PM CST 12/04/2020
SAT Exam 12/05/2020
English 9 & English 10 EOC, Part 3 12/07/2020
JV Basketball @ Cookeville High School, 6:00 PM CST 12/07/2020
Algebra 1, Algebra II, Geometry EOC, Part 1 12/08/2020
JV Basketball at home vs. Cumberland County High School, 4:00 PM CST 12/08/2020
Wrestling at home vs. Maryville and William Blount, 5:30 PM CST 12/08/2020
Varsity Basketball at home vs. Cumberland County High School, 6:00 PM CST 12/08/2020
Algebra 1, Algebra II, Geometry EOC, Part 2 12/09/2020
Jostens Junior and Senior Orders, 11:00 AM CST (During Luch) 12/09/2020
Bowling vs. White County, 4:00 PM CST 12/09/2020
Algebra 1, Algebra II, Geometry EOC, Part 3 12/10/2020
Bowling Girls District Elimination 12/10/2020
Wrestling at home vs. Gibbs and Cumberland County High School 12/10/2020
Biology I EOC 12/11/2020
ACT Exam 12/12/2020
Mid-Term Exams, Third Block Only 12/15/2020
SMHS Varsity Basketball @ York Institute, 6:00 PM CST 12/15/2020
Final Exams, 1st and 5th Blocks 12/16/2020
Final Exams, 2nd and 4th Blocks 12/17/2020
Student Early Dismissal for Winter Break, 10:00 AM CST 12/18/2020
Winter Break 12/19/2020 - 01/04/2020
Maryville Basketball Christmas Tournament 12/28/2020, 12/29/2020, 12/30/2020
Varsity Basketball at home vs. Upperman High School, 6:00 PM CST 01/05/2020
Wrestling at home vs Heritage and Livingston, 5:30 PM CST 01/07/2020
Freshman Basketball at home vs. Cumberland County High School, 6:00 PM CST 01/07/2020