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Mrs. Sharmain Wyatt's Cognitive Development and Literacy Skills students made "brain" hats that accurately locate different regions of the brain and labeled the functions of each region. What a great way to reinforce the learning!

Panther Events and Notices

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Titan Online Meal Payment Information

Cumberland County Schools is now using the Titan online funding system to add money to student lunch accounts. Please refer to the instructions and link below.

Click here for the Titan Lunch Funding Service.


English Instructions:

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Instrucciones en Español:

Spanish Titan Graphic

TN Department of Education TCAP Family Portal Information

Parents and families can watch this short video, reference the graphic below, or follow these three simple steps to access the TCAP Family Portal:

1) Find their student’s “unique access code” or “USID” on the bottom right-corner of the printed state score report.

2) Visit the Family Portal at

3) Log in to find information on your student’s performance, a personalized video in your home language, questions to ask their teacher, and where they may need additional support.

* To note: If a parent does not have a score report to reference, they should contact their school and ask for their student’s state ID number. They will add two zeroes in front of that seven-digit number to create an account.

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SMHS Social Media Links

facebook icon Panther Nation Facebook page.

instagram icon Panther Nation Instagram page.

facebook icon Panther Tales Players (Theater) Facebook page.

instagram icon Panther Tales Players (Theater) Instagram page.

instagram icon Football Cheer Instagram page.

facebook icon Criminal Justice Class Facebook page.

facebook icon Volleyball Team Facebook page.

facebook icon Rocket Club Facebook page.

facebook icon Cumberland County Schools CTE.

instagram icon Cumberland County Schools CTE.

twitter icon Cumberland County Schools CTE.


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Selective Service Registration

Males living in the United States (both citizens and non-citizens) are REQUIRED to register for the Selective Service at 18 years old.

Click here to register for Selective Service.

Failing to register is a felony and prevents college financial aid, access to federal jobs and more. Read about penalities for failing to register.

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SMHS Title VI, Title IX, and Homeless Coordinators

SMHS has coordinators available at all times for the following programs:

Title II Coordinator: Julie Moldenhaur (Title II addresses student special needs and specialized staff training.)
Title VI Coordinator: Marcy Harelson (Title VI is part of the Civil Rights act of 1964.)
Title IX Coordinator: Nathan Brown (V.P. Office) (Title IX addresses gender equity in athletics.)
Homeless Coordinator: Laura Kidwell (Guidance)
504 Coordinators: Nathan Brown, Marcy Harelson, April Moore (Section 504 of IDEA addresses students with physical disabilities.)

Information about Coordinators can be found here.

Stone Memorial High School District programs and activities shall be free from discrimination based on age, gender, gender identity or expression, or genetic information, sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation; the perception of one or more of such characteristics; or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. Our nondiscrimination information can be found here.
CCS Employment nondiscrimination policy. (En Espanol)


SMHS Senior Dates

Senior Trip, Dollywood 4/12/2024
Prom 4/27/2024
Senior Walk and Picnic 5/8/2024
Senior Class Night 5/13/2024
Graduation 5/16/2024

SMHS Upcoming Dates

Softball Play Day at Rockwood High School 3/2/2024
Spartan Deka Event, Main Gym 3/2/2024
Tennis at Wilson Central, 3:30 PM CST 3/4/2024
Baseball at Sweetwater, 5 PM CST 3/4/2024
Soccer hosts Silverdale Baptist, JV and Varsity, starts at 4 PM CST 3/4/2024
Volleyball Open Gym 3/5/2024
Softball hosts York Institute, 5 PM CST 3/5/2024
Festival of Movement, 5:30 PM CST, main gym 3/5/2024
Middle School Volleyball at CCHS 3/5/2024
Tennis hosts Cookeville High School, 2 PM CST 3/6/2024
Staff Meeting, 3 PM CST 3/7/2024
Baseball at Cookeville High School, 5 PM CST 3/7/2024
Middle School Volleyball hosts Jasper, 6 PM CST 3/7/2024
Clubs Meet, Club Schedule 3/8/2024
Tennis at Farragut, 3 PM CST 3/8/2024
Middle School Baseball at Avery Trace, 5:30 PM CST 3/8/2024
Baseball Double Header at Oliver Springs, 1 PM CST 3/9/2024
Set Clocks Forward 1 hours for Daylight Savings Time, 2 AM CST 3/10/2024
Austin Peay visits during lunch, Main Lobby 3/11/2024
Baseball hosts Oakdale, 5:30 PM CST 3/11/2024

SMHS Testing Dates

ACT Demographics, 3rd Block

3/11/2024 - 3/12/2024 - 3/13/2024 - 3/14/2024 - 3/15/2024

Mid Term Exams, Blocks 1 and 5 3/12/2024
Mid Term Exams, 2nd and 4th Blocks 3/13/2024
EOC Benchmark Tests 3/14/2023
EOC Benchmark Tests 3/15/2024
ACT, Juniors 3/19/2024
Pre ACT, Freshman and Sophomores 3/19/2024
Field Test, English 9 and 10 4/8/2024
EOC Exam, English 9 and 10, pt 1 4/17/2024
EOC Exam, Geometry and Algebra 2, pts 1 & 2 4/18/2024
EOC Exam, Biology 4/19/2024
EOC Exam, English 9 and 10, pt 2 4/22/2024
EOC Exam, Algebera 1, pts 1 & 2 4/23/2024
Exams: SDC SAILS and Psychology 4/24/2024
EOC Exam, English 9 and 10, pt 3 4/25/2024
EOC Exam, Geometry and Algebra II, pt 3 4/26/2024
EOC Exam, Algebra I, pt 3 4/29/2024
EOC Make Up Exams 4/30/2024
SDC USH 5/1/2024
SDC Make Ups 5/2/2024
CLEP Exam, Vol State, Livingston 5/7/2024
Senior Final Exams, 1st, 3rd, and 5th Blocks 5/10/2024
Senior Final Exams, 2nd and 4th Blocks 5/13/2024
Underclassman Final Exams, 1st, 3rd, and 5th Blocks 5/21/2024