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Stone Memorial High School Mission Statement

Stone Memorial High School Mission:

The mission of Stone Memorial High School is to provide every student the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to be a contributing member of society.


Stone Memorial High School Motto:

Where Today's Success Meets Tomorrow's Dreams.


Stone Memorial High School Vision

Stone Memorial High School envisions a school of distinction characterized by success in preparing students for the future. Educational planning and building design foster an open climate for learning that emphasizes respect, cooperation, moral integrity, creative academic and extracurricular programs. We encourage student leadership, use of technology and critical thinking. The promotion of lifelong learning extends beyond the physical walls of the school by engaging students, staff, and community in a mutual collaboration.


Stone Memorial High School Beliefs

  1. Providing meaningful educational programs that address the intellectual, vocational, creative, social, and emotional development of students is vital.           
  2. Learning is an important, beneficial, worthwhile experience and is a life-long process.
  3. A safe, clean environment is essential to learning.          
  4. Everyone will accept and acknowledge the individual’s diversity and create an environment of mutual respect and tolerance.
  5. Learning and student achievement can best take place when students, teachers, parents, and the community work together.
  6. Character education is an important part of student growth.
  7. Students should exhibit self-discipline, accept accountability in all areas of their lives, and be responsible for their educational achievements.
  8. Students need training in life skills to prepare them for a variety of post-secondary opportunities.
  9. High expectations are key to student achievement.
  10. All students will have a challenging curriculum that meets their individual needs and highly qualified teachers that use a variety of instructional practices and assessments.