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Stone Memorial High School Student Clubs and Organizations


SMHS clubs meet every other Friday during mid-day activity schedule unless noted below.

Club Name Sponsors

Meeting Times

(before, during, or after school)

Location How Often Where to send homeroom students Website
Anime Finley during C102 Every Other Week Fragopoulos C104  
Anti-Bullying Beaty and Koehl during C226 Once a Month B. Hoyt C225; K-Hoyt C225  
Art/Photography Safdie during Art Room Every Other Week Mullins Gym  
Automotive Wyatt during/after Auto Shop Once a Month Tatum E14  
Aviation Myers during/after E16 Every Other Week L. Sherrill C107  
Band (closed) Squire during/after Band Room Every Other Week Bilbrey W11  
Beta Bryant and C. Smith before Library N/A N/A  
Chess Rossman during/after C227 Every Other Week Husbands C228  
Choir (closed) Saldana during/after Choir Room Every Other Week M. Watt Gym  
College Greene during Library Once a Month K. Watt Library  
College Sports Head during W10 Every Other Week Buck Gym  
Computer Tech Knowles during C103 Every Other Week Bates C101  
Conquerors Through Christ Woody during E11 Once a Month Moldenhauer C115  
Construction Bryan during/after E15 Once a Month Adams C117  
Criminal Justice Johnson and I. Hawn during/after E22 Every Other Week J. Parker C223; (No Homeroom)  
DECA Casteel and R. Hawn during/after E13 Every Other Week C. Tatum E14; H. Parker C223  
FBLA Ellis and C. Smith during/after C213 Once a Month E-B. Sherrill C207; S. Bryant C204  
FCA Capps before/during Aux. Gym Every Other Week Durham C220  
FCCLA Williams and Burris during/after E24 Every Other Week W-B. Smith C201; B. Berta C219  
FFA Halfacre and Cole during/after E23 Once a Month H. Houston C221; C-Berta C219 Website
Gaming Finley and Rossman after C102 N/A N/A  
Go Big Orange Raby during C209 Every Other Week Keyes C206  
HOSA Welch and Woody during/after E20 Every Other Week We-L. Sherrill C107; W- Moldenhauer C115  
Interact/Make it Count Dillard and L. Sherrill before Library N/A N/A  
Math Club R. Andrawes-Smith during C110 Every Other Week Kunzelman C217  
Meeting of the MindFULS (Yoga) Kopp during C105/Gym Every Other Week Bates C101  
Oasis (Second Chances) Reeves after C215 Every Other Week Keyes C206  
Panther Tales Players Serleth before/during/after C108 Every Other Week Fragopoulos C104  
PolitiClub Bolin during C224 Every Other Week Durham C220  
Quiz Bowl Bunch before/during/after C231 Every Other Week Husbands C228  
Renaissance Miller, Simmons, and K. Wattenbarger before Library N/A N/A  
Rocket/TSA (closed) Tatum after (Wednesday) E14 N/A N/A  
Sci-Fi W. Hoyt during C218 Every Other Week Kunzelman C217  
Student Council (closed) Headrick and Moldenhauer before/after Library N/A N/A Website
Travel and Foreign Culture Kemmer during C203 Every Other Week St. Onge C202  
Yearbook (closed) Tomberlin before/during/after C112 Every other Week Adams C117