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Stone Memorial High School

Key To Your Success Program

Sponsored by Dave Kirk Automotive


1st Nine Weeks Drawing Winners, Fall, 2022:

Dave Kirk WinnersPictured from left to right are Mr. Tim Poore, Jackson Miller, Kaylee Vardy, Laney Wiley, Luis Rodriguez, and Mrs. April Moore. Congratulations 1st Nine Weeks Qualifiers!


2nd Nine Weeks Drawing Winners, Fall, 2022:

Dave Kirk WinnersPictured left to right: Mr. Tim Poore, Dyson Remling, Devin Ledbetter, Apple Dillard, Chesney Cash, and Mrs. April Moore. Congratulations, 2nd Nine Weeks Qualifiers!

Promotional Video Regarding Keys To Success Program:

Attendance Incentive Rules For Dave Kirk Automotive 

“The Key To Your Success” Program

9th & 10th Grade = Cash or Prizes

11th & 12th Grade = Cash, Prizes, or New GM Car!

Participation is voluntary.  For the car drawing, the winner must be at least 16 years of age, be classified as a Junior or Senior, have a current valid TN driver’s license or permit on the date of the winner’s selection and a valid TN driver’s license on the date the prize is awarded.  The license shall not be subject to revocation or suspension for any reason, such as failure to meet academic criteria.  If the winner is under the age of 18 on the date of the prize winner’s selection, the winner must have the consent of a parent or legal guardian, and the parent or legal guardian must execute appropriate legal forms when the prize is awarded.  The winner must obtain and prove the existence of appropriate insurance as required by TN law before the prize is delivered.  Any questions about contest rules, eligibility, or any aspect of this incentive program shall be determined by the Award Committee, whose decision shall be final.  If the initially chosen winner is ineligible or his/her eligibility cannot be verified within a reasonable period of time by the Award Committee, the Award Committee may award the prize to the alternately selected student who meets all eligibility requirements.

How to Qualify:

*You will earn one entry in the drawing for each week that you have perfect attendance.

*You must be a full-time student enrolled from September 22 through May 9.

*You must not be absent more than 10 days either semester.

*Early graduates will be eligible for the 1st semester only.  They are ineligible at the third & fourth drawings.

*Students assigned truancy court or chronically absent status forfeit their right to participate.

Definition of Perfect Attendance for this Incentive:

*No absences in any class

*No tardies to any class

*No check-outs from any class

*Not on homebound

*You’re counted as present for school-sponsored field trips only – All other absences make you ineligible for that week. 

* Any alternative school time or withdrawal from school will disqualify you, whether you re-enroll or not.

Definition of a Week:

Monday through Friday (5 days).  Some weeks may be shortened due to holidays or snow days. Ex: The week that Thanksgiving Break starts is only two days long so you would qualify for that week if you had “perfect attendance” those two days.

Procedure and Dates of Drawings:

On each drawing date, (at the end of each grading period), four winners will be selected for the car drawing,: one Junior and one Senior from CCHS and SMHS.  Additionally, one student from Phoenix will be entered into the drawing. One freshman and one sophomore will also be drawn at the end of each grading period and receive cash and prizes. At the FINAL drawing, a reverse raffle will occur with the seventeen finalists.  The last name drawn will be the winner of a NEW automobile.  All finalists will be awarded prizes.  YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN!  **Any student who has thirteen years of perfect attendance (K-12) and students, who did not attend kindergarten, and have perfect attendance for twelve years (1-12), automatically qualify for the Final Drawing.

*Previous winners of a car are ineligible for future drawings.