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SMHS Web Design Class

Student Web Site Projects

Fall 2016 Web Design Class

Stone Memorial is proud to offer a real-world Web Development Course to our students. We use professional web development software, including professional image and video editing tools. Our students hand-code their initial templates and then import their code into the software so they can learn to utilize real-world web development tools. Students are able to develop and publish simple web sites after one semester and can develop professional sites after a full year in the course. Since we use a dedicated, in-house web server, professional development tools, and make real websites that we publish and host on our own server, our students learn the skills necessary to be immediately employed in a web development environment.

If you are a local community member and you have a small web project you would like created for you please contact us. We are willing to develop your small, simple website for you free of charge. Free website limitations: We will not host your private commercial site for you so you must pay a commercial provider for that service, which typically costs about $10 a month, or less. We will not be able to maintain your site for you once it is published. So this works best for small sites that will not require updates. Perhaps a site showing images of your business with hours, services, and contact information. We can do this for you free of charge but we limit this offer to Cumberland County residents/businesses only. We develop free sites on a first come basis. If we have no available students or time we will ask you to contact us the following semester.


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Fall 2017 Web Design 2nd Projects

Site Topic Site Author Semester Created
Elder Scrolls
Ashlee Smith Fall 2017
Hurricane Cycles James Tewell Fall 2017
Rick and Morty Fan Site Ashton Doris, Dalton Phillips Fall 2017
Shrek Fan Site Billy Hoskins Fall 2017
Help Yourself Em St. Marie Fall 2017
Old Republic Paolo Bernardelli Fall 2017
The World of Makeup Alexis Bowman Fall 2017


Spring 2017 Project 3 Web Design Second Term Projects

Site Topic Site Author Semester Created
Led Zeppelin Fan Page Noah Franklin Spring,2017
A Series of Unfortunate Laws Sam Sylvester and Bailey Keyes Spring,2017


Spring 2017 Project 2 Web Design Second Term Projects

Site Topic Site Author Semester Created
Marines Noah Franklin Spring,2017
Steven Universe Natali Alegria Spring,2017


Spring 2017 Web Design Second Term Projects

Site Topic Site Author Semester Created
Green Works Bailey Keyes Spring,2017
Chevy Trucks Noah Franklin Spring,2017
Natali and Alex Natali Alegria Spring,2017